1947 CHRIS-CRAFT 25' EXPRESS HULL No. 165 - GERRY & BOB   

Gerry & Bob, hull number X-25-234 is a twin engine 1947 Chris Craft 25' Express that we located and purchased in November 2007 from its third owner in St. Peters, Missouri.  While this owner hadn't owned the boat for too many years he was very familiar with the boat, originally locating it in the woods of a Missouri farm while hunting with his uncle (the restorer and second owner) in 1979. 

When the boat was discovered in 1979 it was in sad shape; it had been rumored that the boat was last in the water in the early 1950s and owned by a father and son, named Gerry & Bob.  Gerry & Bob enjoyed the boat until the son left for the Korean war when the boat was hauled ashore and placed on blocks in a field near the Missouri River.  As fate would have it, the son didn't return from the War and the father never placed the boat in the water again.  The boat remained in the same place where it had been placed in the early 1950s while life went by and trees grew around it until discovered by a 10 year old boy hunting for deer with his uncle.

The owners of the farm told the boy and his uncle that the boat was on the property when they purchased the farm and that they had no use for the boat, further telling them that they could have the boat as long as they didn't harm the fields while removing it.  Trees and brush were cleared and the restoration started.  The boat was restored over a six year period by the boy and his uncle.

By 2007, times had changed, the uncle passed away some years earlier and left the boat to his nephew who still enjoyed the boat, but didn't have the ability to keep the boat in the condition he felt that it deserved.  The boat, now named "Fine Romance" had seen 200 hours of use in 23 years and seemed to be in "usable" shape.

In November 2007 the boat was transported to Pittsburgh where it joined 1947 Chris Craft 25' Express single engine hull numbers 206 and 217.  Twin engine hull number 165 arrived from Michigan a week later. 

Hull 234 is currently in the shop as a project in waiting; the hardware and engines have been removed, cataloged and stored; the hull turned over and the bottom planks removed.  It is our intention to return hull 234 to its original red and white glory. 

If you are interested in discussing the restoration of Hull No. 234, please give us a call.