1947 Chris Craft 25' Express Cruiser 
Hull No. X-25-234

Hull No. 234, a twin engine Red & White, originally named Gerry & Bob and delivered to Bay City, Michigan was located in St. Peters, Missouri.  Gerry & Bob had been used in the Missouri river until the Korean War when it was hauled ashore and left in a field... Read More.

1947 Chris Craft 25' Express Cruiser
Hull No. X-25-217

Hull No. 217, a single engine Red & White,
originally from St. Clair Shores, Michigan was
last in the water in the late 1960s.  The boat
was located in Annapolis, Maryland with its
original Chrysler Royal... Read More.





1947 Chris Craft 25' Express Cruiser
Hull No. X-25-165

Hull No. 165, a twin engine Red & White, from the canals of St. Clair, Michigan was the previous owners third Red & White Express... Read More.

1948 Chris Craft 22' Custom Sedan
Hull No. S-22-048

While this 22' Custom Sedan was shipped to McHenry, Maryland in January of 1948 it spent quite a bit of time on the rivers in Pittsburgh as it was owned by an air lines pilot.  The boat was sold to another pilot who used the boat in Sunbury, PA.





1948 Chris Craft 22' Sportsman
Hull No. U-22-1082

This Sportsman was shipped to Chattanooga, TN and used in Tennessee for its entire life.  The boat was purchased from a gentleman in Knoxville, TN whose uncle owned a Chris Craft dealership.  While the hull is rough, the engine and all of the hardware is present.