YNOT Wilbur, the boat that started it all... The notion of a wooden boat building project was conceived in August 2001.  Following the attacks on September 11 that notion became a reality.

A gray hull was located in Northport, Maine in September 2001 and purchased several days later for $500.00.  The hull had no pedigree, no identification plaque in the boat, no name on the transom and no known history other than that the boat had been used on Richardson Lake in western Maine.  Shortly after the hull was purchased preparations began to transport the hull to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The hull arrived in Pittsburgh on October 14, 2001, by the middle of November line drawings of the hull were complete and the hull had been rolled over.  By April 2002 it had been decided that a new boat would be built using cold-molded techniques and based on the lines of the original hull. 

The beginnings of a new boat were starting to take shape by mid May with the keel and frames complete.  In October 2002 the original planks were temporarily fitted to the new framework.  One year later in October 2003 the engine and sole beams were installed.  On October 31, 2004, YNOT was launched into the Allegheny River for initial sea trials.

The seating and ceiling boards were installed in January and February of 2005.  YNOT was transported to Mt. Dora, FL and launched in Lake Dora for the first time fully complete in late March 2005.

Following the launch of YNOT the history of the gray hull, which carried the name Molet-Mac for most of its life, was learned.